Who is Curt Posey?

I am a lifelong (43 years), third generation, resident of Hoover and a proud product of the Hoover City School system.  I am the grandson of a local minister from Rocky Ridge.  I am the son of parents who worked to get Bluff Park/Shades Mountain annexed into Hoover in 1980, and fought for the creation of our school system in 1987-88.  I am a husband who has been marrried to my best friend for 17 years.  I am a father of two wonderful children (Reagan age 13 and Wilson age 10).  I am a Buc, and attended Berry High School from 1991-1994.  I was a member of Hoover High's 1st graduating class in 1995.  I am a Blazer and graduated from UAB in 2001 with a BA in Communications.  I am an ATΩ and serve my chapter as the chairman of our board of trustees and recruitment advisor.  I am a Hunter Streeter and teach 2yr old Sunday School.  I am a performer and enjoy helping my daughter's ballet company by pretending to know how to dance.  I am a patriot and proud past-president of the Cahaba-Coosa Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution.


 Most of all, I am public servant who's served my city with love and respect since 2016,

and hope to continue to serve you for four more years.    

What Do I Believe in?

There's a line in the song "Cabinet Battle 1" where Washington tells Hamilton "winning is easy, governing is harder."  The past four years have been challenging for the city, but we always found a way to push through and persevere with open communication, out of the box thinking and a creative spirit.  When the Galleria was facing uncertainty due to safety concerns, we partnered with eh Birmingham Theater Board to bring live theater to the mall.  For three solid days, hundreds came to the mall to enjoy the show and to get a glimpse of what the next chapter of the mall could become.  When COVID-19 came knocking on our door and sent us all home for weeks at a time, our city leaders rolled up their sleeves and found ways to provide meals to our children in need, and to cut spending to prevent a budget deficit.  Governing is hard at times, but its also rewarding when I consider that I'm working everyday for my friends and neighbors to keep my hometown on the right track.  I'm a firm believer in the Madison model of representation from Federalist 51, and I love the fact that social media gives us the platform of constant contact between constituent and public servant that Madison wrote about close to 200 years ago.  Being a public servant is my dream job and I'm always here for you.

Wilson and Reagan Posey